Second Meet (Fall) - 2015
Del Mar Yacht Club
The DMYC has reserved the Paddock View Patio!  Overlooking
the paddock (2nd Level on the Grandstand Side), this patio has
table dining / beverage service. Umbrella tables.  Order from the
"Red Star Cafe Menu" at your table, and your goodies (food and
beverages) will be brought to you.  There is also a bar next to the
patio if you are in a "quick-fast-flash-hurry" mode for starter
beverages.  And there is a rail you can lean on.

Watch the paddock action in living color, then view the races by
taking a short walk to the front side of the grandstands for a "live"
view; or watch the races via the giant screen overlooking the
paddock...from your table.

Here is the best part: Only $10 doubloons per person!  That
gigantic chunk of change includes admission to the track, a
program, and a reserved table.  What a great way to enjoy the
start of the Fall Meet!  And bring a jacket.  And a hat or umbrella.
No telling what the weather will be like.  Stay warm, not wet.

Special Pirate Note delivered via a captured Buccaneer Warship:
General admission alone is $6 doubloons.  Includes a Program.  
For an extra $4 doubloons, you get your own table with a
view of the Paddock!  And table food and beverage service!

Room for 50 (fifty) pirates.
Click here to order tickets.


Back Door Sneaky Option: You may pick up tickets at the Group Sales
Will Call Window on the Day of the event.  Butt, the DMYC
Commode Doors are not going to chase down your pirate butts, peg
legs, hooks, and eye patches to deliver your tickets.
And the DMYC Commode Doors do not guarantee that

Best bet: Order Opening Day and Second Meet Day tix at the same
time, and pick 'em up together at En Fuego's.

Simple, eh?
The List - Second Meet 2015

Total - 0

Remaining - 50
Updated - 2/14/15
Possible, but not probable.